US Budget

The battle for the 2011 budget continues.  Democrats appears to be asserting themselves trying to create a split betwwen the Republican mainstream leadership and the Tea party.  The Republicans are trying to take advantage of the situation argueing for the need to cut spending while in reality seeking to impose their social agenda by attaching riders to the bill that would defund health care, cut student financial aid, cutting Head Start, aid to veterans, job training and other emplyment benefits, planned parenthood – well the list goes on.  It is one thing to cut spending, which I agree with but it should be done by examining the impact on programs and them making an informed decision program by program.  Imposing a social agenda has nothing to do with improving the economy as some conservatives would like you o think.  It is imperative that we communicate to our representatives the need to hold the line against the conservative anti-middle class agenda. See the excellent article by the "Prgress Report" for all the details at