Republican Candidate Believes America is more Socialist than China

Posted by on November 13, 2011 8:27 am
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With less than 4 % support Nation-wide, Bachmann, who has a history of inaccurate statements threw out another one, last night at the Republican debate.  Her view is that the programs initiated under President Johnson's "Great Society" are socialist – more socialist than China, which by the way is still a communist (read socialist) country.  Having programs that serve as a safety net for millions of Americans does not make for a socialist nation.  This has been a tactic of the Right-wing to paint democrats as socialist.  The programs we are talking about are Social Security, Medicare and Food Stamps.  She states that China does not have food stamps.  China also has millions in abject poverty.  Just keep in mind that even while her comments are absurd what is worst is her that she says she is a supporter of Medicare and Social Security.  Read the details in the Talking Point Memo article by Benjy Sarlin at: