Rubio for “Severely Conservative” Mitt

Rubio Romney AP CAF02WEGRubio is out and about with Mitt creating a great impression among the right wing base.  Just remember these are the folks that are against the Dream Act.  Ya, Marco has his own toned down version but have you thought why he wants to stop short of granting citizenship to students that have been in this country for years?  TPL will tell you it is all about warming up just enough to Latinos gullible enough to think that just because he is Latino that he cares.  The only thing Rubio cares about is your vote.  Imagine Rubio is moving to the far right to support Romney as Romney has taken  on a "serverely conservative" face to win the favor of the right wing Looney Toons.  Yes, and he did so by Flip-Flopping as so cleanly pointed out on Dec 15, 2011 by Rudi Giuliani 

  What do you think?  TPL  Credits to AP press for pic.