Barack is back and he kicked Mad Mitt’s rear end over and over!!!

Mad mitt  HPPresident Obama kicked butt – there is no FOX spin possible that can fix Mitt's defeat!!  Even the moderator had to real-time fact check Mitt when he lied repeatedly about the President's characterization of Libya.  Obama talked facts, stood firm, held ground, and took ground.  Mitt was desperate, chasing Obama around the floor, trying to trip him up to no avail.  Obama spoke to women's issues, education, immigration, crime and more all while being presidential, with facts not just "I can do it" type talk we got from Mad-Mitt.  Most important – President Obama finished by exposing Romney's character on the charater question by reminding all about what Romney said about the 47 % behind closed dorrs when he thought no one was listening.  Pic credits to Huffingtonpost and Getty.  See video where Candy Crowley corrects Mitt on his lie.  Share.  What do you think Latino?