Direct – Indirect Right-wing Slowroll of Immigration Reform

Posted by on April 2, 2013 9:30 pm
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Gop-working-on-immigith democrat undergroundLou Barletta (R-Pa.) calls America a “sinking ship.”  How dare he!!  This is disgusting as well as insightful hate talk to further turn Right-wing bigots against hard working people.  If he is serious about immigration what he should be doing is talking about how to stop his corporate buds from giving jobs to the undocumented.  Here in lays the hypocracy of the Right-wing zealots!  Its only about power and they use the regular guy, the self rightious bigots and racists out there that only need a small excuse to act on their hate.  He at least unlike Rubio is clear on his opposion to citizenship vs. Rubio who will say what he believes he will get away with to ensure his position with the Tea party while trying to depict himself as the Latino power broker.  He is no power broker, certainly not one to make a deal worthy of those Latinos that bust their rear end every day many holding down two or three jobs just to make it!!  Take note Latinos.  The Progressive Latino (  Please Like us on Facebook.  Credit for pic to