$832 Billion for Immigration Reform!!!!

Posted by on May 5, 2013 5:18 pm
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Dreamers impact on eco CAPAmericans can benefit in an enormous way from immigration reform if it leads to legalization and citizenship.  How much?  The US economy could stand to gain $832 Billion!!  This is if we act fast and just give legal staus in 2013.  The Center for American Progress put together an infographic you need to review and share see Infographic: How Legalization and Citizenship Helps the Economy.   So immigration is not just a humane thing to do but it will improve our economy.  The leadership of the Right knows this but again it just does not matter.  All they see is more democratic votes and a less white America.  Stay on top of your congressman for this will not be an easy fight.  Imagin if over 80% of Americans are for background checks and the gun control bill still failed it will be harder for immigration.  The Progressive Latino.  Like us on Facebook and share with friends.   Credits for pic to Center for American Progress.