Heritage Foundation Right wing Scare Tactics!!

Posted by on May 6, 2013 8:40 pm
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Illegal_aliens-amnesty2_jesus-is-saviorA recent Heritage study concludes that immigration reform will cost “$6.3 trillion over the next 50 years.”  Even Republicans are trashing the study.  Only God know how much anything will cost us in 50 yrears.  Note, they did not pick something more reasonable like 10 years for which one can expext decent economic forcasts.  See the Center for American Progress’ data for 10 years – just over $800 Billion to be gained from legalization!!  Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, one of the more prominant Republicans, and one who favors immigration refornm stated, "This study is designed to try to scare conservative Republicans into thinking the cost here is going to be so gigantic that you can't possibly be for it," he said.  Latinos, you don’t have to be an economist to figure out that more citizens equals more tax revenue, more money injected into the economy to buy stuff, and more paid into social security and Medicare.  Get the picture? By the way this is important – do you recall how much the Right wing has been fighting against the “mandate” in Obamacare?  Well, my friends, just note that the “mandate” was the original idea of the Heritage Foundation back when it was fighting Clinton on health care:)   Yes, it is hypocritical and just shows that they will use whatever made up story to get their way and right now Latinos are in their way.  President Obama can't do it by himself – call your Congressman and stay engaged.  The Progressive Latino.  Like us on facebook.  Credit for pic to jesus-is-savior.com.