More Right-wing Hypocrisy!!!

Posted by on October 20, 2013 2:17 pm
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hypo_truth_out_orgWhen someone goes around be Mr. Self-Righteous, I want to save America from ObamaCare you can expect that sooner or later we will find out that person is more likely a self serving egotist.  And so it is with Mr. Cruz.  It is now coming out that Cruz somehow (ya right) failed to “disclose his financial relationship with a Caribbean-based holding company during the 2012 campaign…” Now it gets a tad more intriguing.  It happens that after admitting his failure to disclose and acknowledging the issue in 2013 that “Cruz said he is now in the process making further corrections to his disclosure.”  Yes, further corrections to his lies.  So Latinos, this would not be a big deal given this is common to other politicians.  It is a big deal for someone who places himself above all others.  The latest discoveries on Right-wing hypocrisy extend to “Greg Collett, a two-time Republican candidate for Idaho’s state House, defends himself against charges of hypocrisy for the fact that, while “I don’t think that the government should be involved in health care or health insurance,” his 10 kids are on Medicaid…” You really need to go read this and this one by as it is amazing how twisted one can be for the sake of political power for it really has nothing to do with values or principals.   He even quotes from the scriptures!!!  Seriously, you are against government involved in heath care but rationalize using government aid?  You can’t fool us Greg!  TPL.  Please share and get the word out on The Progressive Latino and Like us on Facebook.  Pic credits to