So what’s the deal with Entitlements?

Posted by on October 23, 2013 12:48 am
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Entitlement_MoveOn_orgNow that the shutdown and debt ceiling fights are over (for a few months) we can expect the next fight to be over the budget.   You can be sure the Right wing will want to cut entitlements but what does that mean and how does that impact you Latinos?  Entitlement is code word for programs like Medicare (health insurance for the old) and Medicaid (health insurance for the poor) as well as Social Security (for retirees).   The argument is that they are unsustainable and thus must be cut.  The Right wing solution is total dismantlement and replacement by private equivalents.  The progressive approach is to make changes to strengthen and make more efficient.  For example there is much abuse of Medicare by doctors and insurance companies overcharging.  This article is worth your read to understand the issue.  Why is it important?  It is important because these programs benefit Latinos today and in the future.  Many if not most Latinos do not earn sufficient to have fancy 401K for retirement.  Social security may be all they have down the road.  Same for the need for health insurance for the disadvantaged be they old or young.   This is another difference between uncompassionate Right wingers and progressives that believe in helping those less fortunate.  Robert Reich wrote, “It has become accepted economic wisdom, uttered with deadpan certainty by policy pundits and budget scolds on both sides of the aisle, that the only way to get control over America’s looming deficits is to “reform entitlements.” But the accepted wisdom is wrong.  TPL  Please share and Like us on Facebook.”  Read his article to understand why.  Pic credits to