Another Opportunity for Greatness.

Posted by on November 26, 2013 3:59 am
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Obama Iram_Lobelog_comPresident Obama has for the first time in 30 years established a dialogue with Iran.  Idea being as he indicated he would do in 2008 is to seek a diplomatic solution to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  So you know this is just a 6 month preliminary deal so if Iran doesn’t play we go back to full sanctions.  As expected the Right wing is against it as well as Jewish legislatures including some democrats.  So Obama is not only taking on Iran but the crazy neocons who want war.  Michael Tomasky of the Daily Beast wrote a great article and I want you to read this extract, “Well, then, let’s compare choices. They chose war, against a country that never attacked us, had no capability whatsoever to attack us, and had nothing to do with the allegedly precipitating event, 9/11. We fought that war because 9/11 handed the neocons the excuse they needed to dope the public into supporting a unilateral war of hegemony. It has cost us more than $2 trillion now. It’s taken the lives of more than 100,000 people. It has been the author of the trauma of thousands of our soldiers, their limbs left over there, their families sundered. And on the subject of Iran, the war of course did more to strengthen Iran in the region than Obama could dream of doing at his most Machiavellian-Manchurian. Fine, the world is well rid of Saddam Hussein. But these prices were far too steep.”  Think about this next time you hear Obama has not accomplished anything or is an appeaser etc.  Like health care, the Right won’t give him a chance to succeed so he must do it himself.  there lays the greatest in our president.  What do you think? If President Obama pulls this off he will be establishing greater prospects for peace instead as the Neocons would prefer – to send our kids to fight and die for another country given Iran even with nucs is no threat to us.  TPL