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This Latinos is disgusting!!  Rush Limbaugh the leader of the Republican party in his usual disgusting attitude somehow relates the change of rules regarding filibuster to rape!!  You really need to listen to this so you get the sense of how dangerous it is to not challenge stuff like this.  In the Senate, Harry Reid, Democrat was finally fed up with the non stop obstructionism of the Republicans, which has been going on deliberately from the first day of President Obama being sworn in.  They met and decided to be against anything and everything proposed by Obama even if they used to be for it like the farm bill, the jobs bill and most importantly Obamacare, which in reality was structuredbased on right-wing ideas such as the individual mandate and the private exchanges.  Yes, Latinos – these are Right wing ideas that once Obama decided he could support – backfired because if Obama is for it then they are no matter what against it.   The filibuster was meant to be used sparingly not 400 times as has been under President Obama.  This is a good article to read  if that explains it all.  Bottom line – it is extremely tiring to not be able to progress at all so with great reluctance but extreme frustration The Democrats changed what was only a Senate gentleman’s agreement if the first place to now only require a simple majority vote for judges and some administrative positions.  The Right will cry foul but what do you have when the minority uses the 60 vote rule to prevent anything from taking place?  What do you think?  TPL  video credits to Youtube.