1.3 million Americans to lose unemployement insurance tomorrow

UnemployedworkersdotorgTomorrow approximately 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment insurance.  That translates to just about $1,166 dollars a month.  This is a disgrace that in America that supposedly prides itself on being a Christian nation will deny those less fortunate the help they need.  This is no handout.  If it is such a great deal as some many Right-winger like to suggest then why don’t they quit their jobs and live on $1,166 dollars a month?  Before I go further we need to acknowledge that the Right would allow for the extension but only if it is paid for by cutting other social programs (not defense of farm subsidies or some of the corporate welfare they support).  TPL agrees with the Dems that this is not right.  Just think of this.  Senator Cruz’s shutting down of the US government cost you the taxpayer $25 Billion!!!  According the an Associated press report, “Restoring up to 47 extra weeks of benefits through 2014 would cost $19 billion, according to the Congressional Budget office.” So without the blink of an eye much less even an apology after the shutdown disaster, Senator Cruz and all the Republicans that went for the ride cost you the taxpayer more than what is being asked for the unemployed!!!  Did they seek any offset?  No they did not – just wasted the funds as if it were paper money.  So Latinos, we believe you can see what is going on here.  Many hard work Latinos that have lost their jobs and are having a hard time getting another need help.  Senator Reid and President Obama are determined to make the reinstatement of unemployed insurance the first item for 2014.  Call your Congressman and tell him/her that compassion is needed now.  TPL.  Pic credits to  Unemployedworkers.org