New Right-wing Immigration plan – Act like you care and blame Obamacare

Posted by on January 21, 2014 9:08 pm
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HouseGOP_Checklist_Fairus_orgYou may be sick and tired of hearing about immigration.  We can’t blame you.  It is however, important for many reasons.  While it is fundamentally about how we as American treat people that are here to improve their lives seeking jobs provided to them by American business owners; it is also about intolerance, prejudice, and lack of inclusiveness.  There are a number of folks that prefer their immigrants to be those of the European persuasion and much more educated than what we have with the Latinos crossing the border.  While this is a free country and we are all entitled to our opinions, we are also responsible for taking care of those amongst us less able.  The large number of undocumented in America is the result of business owner giving them jobs, often at far less than they would pay a citizen and without any health or other benefits.  This is abusive and inhumane treatment coupled by unwarranted scorn by many for being here illegally and “taking our jobs.”  It is time America hold business accountable and take care of the many undocumented by giving them full citizenship not just legal status.  House Republicans are aiming to bring up their own version (distraction) of immigration reform.  Expect slow, piecemeal legislation starting with border security, maybe citizenship for Dreamer but not for all but rather some form of legalized status to let them work but not vote.  One plan offered by Representative Robert W. Goodlatte of Virginia, a Republican who is dead against any direct path to citizenship proposes “provisional legal status to illegal immigrants, then allow those who can demonstrate they are eligible to apply for permanent residency — a document known as a green card — through the existing system, based on sponsorship by a family member or an employer.”  This is unacceptable but they will throw it out so that when the Democrats oppose it they will blame lack of progress on them and Obamacare.  So don’t expect the Right to be serious about immigration but just play games to fool you into thinking they give a hoot!!   This is all about Right-wing hate under the guise of upholding our laws.  If you have any doubts just check out site like  TPL.  Please share our blog with friends and like us on Facebook

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