There is a Right-wing War on the Poor!!

Posted by on January 15, 2014 11:45 am
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war-on-poor_RIfuture_orgThis year marks the 50th anniversary of the “war on poverty.”  This “war” was initiated by President Lynden Johnson a democrat.  From this effort several programs were initiated such as social security, the civil rights act, Medicaid, Head Start, Child Nutrition Act, legal services for the poor, and we all know about the Food Stamp program that the Right wants to cut by $40 million in the same bill that they want to give subsidies (the Right’s word for corporate welfare) to large farm owners.  Think Progress wrote a great article highlighting a poll taken by the Center for American Progress and Half in Ten.  The results clearly show that most American and even Republicans support the government taking a role on reducing poverty.  Half in Ten is an organization with the goal of cutting poverty in half in ten years.  This is a lofty goal given the gridlock in congress and right-wing attitudes about why folks are poor (they are all democrats, moochers, lazy…).  Aside from working with the Center for American Progress, Half in Ten  put together resources you can access here so you can learn more.  There is another war on poverty or rather a war on the poor being waged by the likes of Rubio and Ryan.  As expected, Rubio is grasping for issues to get himself noticed vs. issues he really has his heart in.  He now says that he was never for the Senate immigration plan he tried to be the front man for.  He tells folks now that he always was for the piece-meal (means border security and not much else) approach the House Republicans want.  Ryan – well he believes the poor are just takers, moochers sucking of society always after government handouts.  Paul Krugman wrote a great article that is a must read (link here).  In it he writes, “every budget the G.O.P. has offered since it took over the House in 2010 involves savage cuts in Medicaid, food stamps and other antipoverty programs.”  Latinos are more impacted by poverty than the average American.  Latinos and other progressives need to communicate to their congressional leaders that they must fight for progressive policies and values of decency and compassion.  TPL.  Please share and like us on Facebook.  Pic credits to