Why should you watch the State of the Union tomorrow?

Posted by on January 28, 2014 3:26 am
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Rep party not racist_occupy democratsSo why should you watch the President give his State of the Union tomorrow?  It is unlikely that anything will change.  It is precisely because of this that you should watch so you can be reminded that President Obama has tried but with an obstructionist Republican congress that says No to every proposal you the American citizen pays the price.   For example, Congress has not done a dam thing about unemployment compensation.  We’ll see how that works out for the Right wing leadership.  Hopefully, the 2014 elections will boot some out.  You have to really have a dim light up there to even consider believing that only the Left has all the lazy, dependent good for nothing moochers out there, which the Republican leadership points to as undeserving of extended unemployment benefits.  Well guess what there are plenty of conservatives working class folks out of work that are counting on unemployment and they are no more moochers then those on the Left.  These are all folks – Americans in need.  It is heartless of the Republicans to deny extending unemployment while pushing for farm subsidies, defense and more corporate welfare.  Unemployment compensation is just a symptom of the much bigger problem, which is income inequality.  Raising the minimum wage is another effort fought against by Republicans.  How cannot raising the minimum wage be bad for America?  The Right argues it is bad for business but anything that prevents business from making outrageous profits at the expense of the worker is in the Right’s mind bad for business.  There are many conservative workers that are hurting just as much as this is not a “Blue” problem.  As for Latinos – many of them are at the lower end of the wage scale are significantly hurt by Right-wing policies.  According to Ron Unz, chairman of the Higher Wages Alliance, “Hispanics would gain the most, with 55 percent of their wage-workers getting a big raise and the benefits probably touching the vast majority of Latino families.”  Immigration is going nowhere with the Right obstructing any progress.  What the Right wants to do is push for legal status vs. a full path to citizenship.  This is unacceptable to live in American and not have the full benefit of a citizen to include the right to vote.   So there you have Latinos – progressive policies can help American workers without denying the rich their wealth just not so much wealth.  Progressive policies that help worker that find themselves unemployed and pay a decent wage for work done are needed to help the American worker and prevent America from further economic decline.  Get involved and get ready to vote in November for progressive policies that work for the working class.  Please see our new cover photo on our Facebook page.  TPL   Please share our blog and comment.  PIC credits to Occupy Democrats.

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