I rather commit suicide than raise the minimum wage!!!!

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Boehner_ameragainst the rep partyThis is true Latinos – fellow progressives; the speaker of the House, the man second in line (right after the vice-president) to take over as president should a catastrophe occur is void of any compassion and has zero empathy for those that are struggling. His specific words for those that think we are spinning were: “I’ll commit suicide before I vote on a clean minimum-wage bill.”    The Right-wing elite hard stand on minimum wage is to protect the minority – the elite 1 percent minority uses well worn clichés such as “just more government wealth transfer”

The Right likes to make the Left out as socialists trying to destroy democracy and capitalism.  Well, we all know that is a lie.  Unfortunately, even many in the Right-wing base as much as they are screwed and hurting vote still vote against their very own interests.  That said in the case of raising the minimum wage even many republicans are in favor.  In fact 76% of American favor a minimum wage increase!!!

This attitude by one of our highest ranking leader is a clear sign that only through a progressive, democratic congress can any change take place of working Americans.  Boehner, first and foremost is not a leader as much as he likes to critize the president on supposed lack of leadership.  He can’t get his own party to do anything.  Not raising the minimum wage is not a Christian value.  How can the lack of caring – of compassion be reconciled by the Tea party and all the hopeless republicans that just follow the loudest voice?  This is siding with the corporate elite that is blind with greed.  Seriously, how many more billions does one need?

So progressives, let your voice be heard by your representative.  Get active or lose.  Please share your views.

 The Progressive Latino

United We Can – Juntos Podemos!

Pic credits to Americans Against the Republican Party

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