Right-wing Debt Ceiling Drama Ends in Spite of Cruz!!

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debt msnbc_agoodsupply_comdebt msnbc_agoodsupply_comdebt msnbc_agoodsupply_comuntitledboehner_cruz_salonAgain, please understand, and tell your friends that raising the debt ceiling is required in order to meet the obligations ALREADY made by Congress.  Raising the debt ceiling is NOT an act to generate more money to spend.  The Right is counting on their base of voters to not bother to get informed – to twist and spin the debate so it seems like they are fighting the democrats’ desire to spend more, which is not true.  The leader in the fight to not raise the ceiling was Ted Cruz – no-one’s friend not even the more moderate republicans.  The “Cruz government shutdown” cost you $24 Billion and now he was more than happy to recklessly take down the credit rating of the US government, which would have cost us even more money!!   This is why it is important that voters get informed so when they vote they understand the issues.

Thanks to the democrats standing firm during the recent budget development we now have a two-year budget, which adding Wednesday’s vote to raise to the debt limit without the Republican fight will give Americans a break from the drama.  This off course does not mean congress will now work to create jobs.  No – the republicans will continue to obstruct any progress of Obama on everything.  So don’t expect immigration reform or a jobs program.  It is possible to see a minimum wage bill but that would be because many Americans have come out to the streets to protest seeking change.

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