To Hell with Job Creation – let’s Play Debt Ceiling Chaos!!!

Posted by on February 5, 2014 11:11 pm
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mcconnell_boehner_cantor2_politicoJust in case you or your friends are confused about what raising the debt ceiling is about – all it means is that if congress incurred more bills than it has money for then the debt ceiling must be raised to allow more money into the system in order to meet current obligations i.e. just to pay the bills.  Raising the debt ceiling is NOT – I repeat NOT to get new money for future buys!!!!  So congress – the republicans need to just pay their bills and stop holding the debt ceiling and most importantly the good faith and credit of America, hostage!!!   There is so much that needs to be done – especially job creation that to waste time and taxpayer dollars on a fight that will do America no good is reckless and hurtful to our economy.  The fact is, Americans are tired of this game.  If you don’t believe TPL go read the Washington Post article that explains it all to include, “…at the outset of the debt ceiling debate, people are already prepared to blame Republicans as much or more than they did at the very end the government shutdown …”You probably heard the Congressional Budget Office projected 2 million fewer jobs due to Obamacare.  The Right is going crazy further spinning the news.  Do your own research to understand Obamacare is not killing jobs but rather corporate greed.  Start here at this linkRead the CBO report if you dare.   By the way Latinos, Senator Cruz’s recent government shutdown cost us $24 billion!!!  Imagine how many jobs could have been created if on a whim just as he moved to shut the government down instead led the move to invest $24 billion in jobs for America???  Thinks about this – no spin here just the facts for you to heed vs. Right-wing spin and lies.  Be advised that  Reuters, which is no left-wing news reported one-month Treasury bills at the highest interest rate.” Tell congress to pass Obama’s job bill!!!  TPL  Please share and like us on Facebook.  Pic credits to

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