Paul Ryan the Hypocrite that keeps on ticking!

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P Ryan on blacks_MSNBCLast Wednesday I posted to my blog an article on Paul Ryan.  I wrote about his untruthful story regarding a boy wanting a brown paper bag lunch so he would feel loved.  In Ryan’s twisted mind he somehow believes that mom that send their kids to school where they can get free lunch due to being low income somehow is a mother that does not love her kid.  Ryan stepped on it again insulting African Americans that live in the city as lazy.  Get this as part of his poverty reform program Ryan plans on “creating work requirements for men “in our inner cities””  So he just thinks he can fix poverty by making it a requirement to work in order to get any assistance.  As expected he blames federal anti-poverty programs for creating a “poverty trap.”  This is off course the standard view from the Right that if you are poor – you are poor because you are lazy!   This is a story line that has been proven fasle time and time againt.   This is a racist, bigoted mindset many on the Right have and for sure many of the Right-wing leadership talks to garner support from their base.

A Politicus article by Justin Baragona says it very well, “This is Ryan’s way to justify that all social programs need to be gutted. Basically, rich, white people will fill in the gap and provide mentoring to the poor, inner-city black folks that they moved far, far away from. At the same time, there is no need to raise the minimum wage in this country and we also need to destroy unions, since they drive away jobs due to their demands for a living wage for their members. In the end, Ryan’s solutions are for there to be no social safety net and the driving down of median wages. But, no worries. The free-market and basic human decency will provide all the solutions needed.”

Progressives, this the Republican way – take from the poor to give to the Rich.  Poverty in the inner city is a complicated problem because there are so many things that come together to make it difficult for many to pull out of the poverty.  In the case of Paul Ryan, who wants to be your president his views are even more twisted as he has bought into the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  Ayn Rand’s view is that selfishness is good that the individual should place himself first.   Fits Paul Ryan’s and many Right-winger’s view of life.

So progressive, let your voice be heard by your representative.  Get active or lose.  Plan to get the vote out in November!!!!

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