The twisted logic of Paul Ayn Rand Lover Ryan!!!

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ryan_limbermindPaul Ryan is the Right-wing’s, so-called budget guru.  Last week, he came out with the republican budget counter to President Obama’s budget.  As you can expect, the Right immediately dismissed Obama’s budget.  It doesn’t matter what is in it.  If Obama wants it – the Right will obstruct it.   Also, this past week at the annual CPAC convention were all the Right-wing crazies gathered to do a high-five in a week of name calling, race-baiting, hate talking, and Obama bashing.  Ryan gave a speech where he talked about a little boy who did not want the free lunch he was getting in school.  He wanted his lunch in a brown paper bag like other kids.  Ryan tells the crowd the boy said that having a brown lunch bag means someone who loves him that made it.  Heart breaking right?  That a young boy would rather go hungry because he wants his lunch in a brown paper bag.  Really?  Not really, but so it is in Ryan’s twisted, hypocritical, Ayn Rand fantasy that the boy’s mother is a taker, a moocher, dependent on government freebies, and just too lazy to make her son lunch in a brown paper bag, and thus the reason the Right should cut school lunch programs and other government assistance programs aimed to help poor Americans.  How sick and twisted is this thinking?  It wasn’t even a true story!!!    Your thoughts?  TPL


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