Why you should care about the Hobby Lobby case.

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US-POLITICS-HEALTH CARE-BIRTH CONTROLThey are a for profit business.   Their case is before the Supreme Court this week.  Hobby Lobby is own by Baptist Christians who do not agree they should pay for health insurance that covers certain types of contraception.  Hobby Lobby provides health care coverage NOT health care. It was interesting to see their lawyer on MSNBC last night say that is for how the individual owner sees their practice of religion in that when asked about selling to gays that it was fine even though Baptist Christians don’t go along with that.  So, it is OK to take the gay’s money even though they see homosexually as not accepted by their religion but they don’t want to pay for health care coverage that provides contraception.  All this amounts to is more of the same Right-wing religious hypocrites that are now trying to use the law to deny contraception.  This is a dangerous precedence given there are many things that religious beliefs could object to that if this case goes in their favor could open the flood gates for more discrimination based on religious preferences.  This is not what our founding fathers envisioned in my view and is why progressives – who sits on the Supreme Court is so important!  Right now as the case went before the court most analysts are saying it is 4-4 with one justice to decide.  In other words the Supreme Court has been politicized.   Justice is not what matters any more.   It is politics.  So with that said progressives your vote does count.  You need to get out for the mid-term election in November and vote progressives into office or you will continue to see further erosion of liberty to corporate interests and religious bigotry.


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