Disgraceful Right-wing Caricature of Woman!!!

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zronairpka8vmnd05yc5It was bad enough when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut.  So get ready to be shocked and disgusted and angry.  We all know how the Right-wing crazies hate Nancy Pelosi but the latest by Right-wing blog Breitbart.com is so very, very distasteful!!!   You need to see it to remind yourself why you don’t want to ever be a republican.  Nancy Pelosi – no woman deserves this!!!!   And guess what?  You don’t hear any outcry from the Christian Right  – Nada!   I guess they think this is what God likes?  No outcry from the republican congress either!  So ask yourself, why would you want to be part of a party that disrespects women so?

Disrespect to women is the talk today as Obama signed two executive orders addressing the need for equal pay for women.  All the Right did today was to criticize and point to the White House that they are not following their own tune – all based on an America Heritage (Right-wing group that makes up biased, mistruthful reports) report that was not true.  The Right however, has no solution to offer – no different from any other topic be it ObamaCare, jobs or Russia – no solutions just name calling and obstructionism.

But facts are facts.   According to Institute for Women’s Policy Research, “…that in almost every single occupation for which data is available, women earn less than male co-workers. That’s true within low-wage industries and in those traditionally dominated by women. For example, women make up nearly 90 percent of the nursing workforce, and they collect $1,086 in median weekly earnings. Male nurses take home an extra $150 each week…”   We all must care about equal pay for the same work.   Women deserve respect in the workplace and our president is leading on this while the Right is doing nothing.    Well actually they are spending lots of time on denying contraception and abortions and – oh nothing else.   Please share this with your friends and have around next time a Right-winger talks blab la and ask how it is they can be a part of a party that is so hateful.

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