Happy Tax Day Wal-Mart!!!

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walmart-report-key-findings-485x455Today is 15 April.  Happy tax day progressives!!!  No one likes paying taxes but what gets me is those super rich that feel they are entitled to not paying their fair share.  Sure the top 1 % pay more in total dollars but as a percentage of income they pay less, often less than you or me.  Even Warren buffet has said so.  He admits he pays a smaller percentage than his secretary.   What really got me is this example of Wal-Mart.  While I knew they are getting over, I did not know by or how much.  This is disgraceful!!  Take a look at the graphic.  Wal-Mart “takes in 18% of all food stamp dollars and generates $13.5 billion in revenue from food stamps. “  So you and I are paying Wal-Mart $13.5 billion in our hard earned tax dollars because Wal-Mart refuses to pay their employees a fair wage.  Just think about that next time you hear President Obama talking about the need for the top 1% to pay their fair share and how the republican congress repeatedly refuses to pass any legislation calling for revenue by taxing the top 1 % more.  That is the right-wing forcing you including you right-wing folks to pay Wal-Mart $13.5 billion!!!!  The Right is against welfare as this is nothing more than giveaways to lazy folks but its just fine to support corporate welfare at the expense of all of us.  How do you feel about that?

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Pic credits to: Americans for Tax Fairness

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