Really? A State government Shutdown over Obamacare?

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va_medicaidIt seems as if the Right-wing just has lost its mind sometimes.  It is one thing to obstruct on every initiative a democrat may pursue.  It is one thing to lie, twist the truth, call people disparaging name and so on.  It is yet another thing to deny medical insurance to those most vulnerable in our society.  How can a Right-wing Christian, family values legislator do that?  Well look no further than Virginia.  Gov. Terry McAulliffe is Virginia’s new Democratic governor.   He put Medicaid expansion in his budget but the Republican legislature is against it.  An expansion of Medicaid in Virginia would allow 400,000 that make too much money to qualify for the current Medicaid but not enough to qualify for subsidies to get health insurance on the health exchange.  What is interesting is that the Virginia business community favors the Medicaid expansion and they are the Right’s donors.  Additionally, Medicaid expansion, a key component of Obamacare is polling very favorably among Virginians.  So has the Right learned anything?   Virginia republicans should take heed.  They should look at their neighbors West Virginia and Maryland have taken up Medicaid expansion with great success giving health insurance to those less fortunate but then again when has the Right truly cared about the less fortunate?  If you are in Virginia or have friends or family living their let them know what is going on.   Thanks and please share and Like us on Facebook!  TPL

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