Republicans do have a War on Women!!

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it's_a_man's_world_unless_women_voteLots going on progressives friends, and not all good.  That said ObamaCare is now set on a course to succeed.  It will only get better, and in a few months Americans will understand it more and see the many benefits it provides not just to those who do not have insurance but to low-income folks who now qualify as a result of Medicaid expansion, and for the many who have had insurance but can now keep their kids on till age 26 or not be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions or worry about insurance caps.  Also, this past week some on the right are saying its time to let Benghazi go.

Now the bad news.  You would think that the Right would be looking for opportunities to at least make women think they were looking out for their interest but no.  Well, this week as been one were the Right-wing has likely lost even more women.  For example, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote a great column.  In it he writes:  “For example, Medicaid (about 70 percent of adult recipients are women), food stamps (63 percent of adult recipients are women) and Pell grants (62 percent) would be cut. Then there are programs in categories that would face cuts that Ryan hasn’t specified: Supplemental Security Income (two-thirds of the poor and elderly recipients are women), welfare (85 percent of adult recipients are women), housing vouchers (82 percent of recipient households headed by women), child-care assistance (75 percent female-headed households) and the Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program.”

In Kentucky, democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes is polling even with Mitch McConnell!!!   So what do they do – you guessed it – insult her as a woman instead of debating policies differences.  Nothing but good-ole name-calling to move our country forward!  Not a good move given she has a good following with Kentucky women.  Thursday, in a Huffington Post article by Laura Bassett she writes, “But conservatives have consistently portrayed her as an attractive but empty-headed cheerleader for Obama. The National Republican Senatorial Committee tweeted out a blog post in November that featured Grimes’ head photo shopped onto the sexily clad body of “Obama Girl” — the model who made racy videos in 2007 about her crush on then-Sen. Barack Obama. And NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring called Grimes an “empty dress” in a September interview.”

In Texas, Wendy Davis is running as the democratic candidate for governor of Texas.  She is doing very well against her challenger.  Right now she has him on the defense given the unequal pay situation within his staff.  It is so bad that some republicans are consider calling for an investigation.    To make things worst, Laura Bassett wrote an article were Abbott’s surrogate, in fact, defended the pay gap by stating “”I would encourage women, instead of pursuing the courts for action, to become better negotiators.”   You can’t make this stuff up!!!

And let’s not forget the horribly disgraceful caricature of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.  See my post here.    Progressives care about women’s rights in all facets of life.  Progressive policies have paved the way to a better life for women.  We can’t allow the Right-wing fanatics to take women backwards.  Your vote matters this November.  TPL

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