Jon Steward Exposes Extreme Right-wing Hypocrisy!!!

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diplomatic-attacks_mother jonesProgressives, you will be hearing lots on Benghazi over the next couple years.  Right now though the main intent of the Right-wing is to use Benghazi to stir up their hateful base so they are all fired up to get out and vote in November.  There is nothing to Benghazi other than an unfortunate tragedy – certainly no cover-up.  I will be writing more on this to inform you of the facts to Benghazi so you can understand.  Know this however, consider a Congress that is more republican and what they would do, and whether that is what you want.  I would think not as progressives.  Please go to see Jon Stewart how he exposes the sheer hypocrisy of the Right at this link: Jon Stewart Tears Fox News Apart For Benghazi Hypocrisy


The graph shows the number of attacks against US diplomatic targets over time.  It tells all.  There was no Right-wing outcry much less crying “cover up when Presidents Bush or Reagan had their moment!

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