Learn how to speak Benghazi!!!

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attacks-bush_deaths-theprogressiveinfluenceTPL came across these great cartoon videos by Mark Fiore!!! They are called “Learn to Speak Benghazi” By the way, the cartoon was shown on the Daily Kos site. If you have not ever read Daily Kos articles – you should check them out. They are a progressive team.

  1. Cartoon: Learn to Speak Benghazi by Mark Fiore
  1. Learn to speak Benghazi second video by Mark Fiore: http://youtu.be/QCqQRflUWd4

So there you have some comedic sarcasm to illustrate Republican lies done simply to keep their moronic base motivated to vote in November.   They stood up a new Benghazi committee all while Darryl Isa, the congressman that has been wasting your tax dollars with pointless investigations on IRS, Fast & Furious…he also is investigating simultaneously Benghazi. This is Republicans abusing power and taking down America rather than legislating on bills that generate jobs for Americans.

So you know, the basic facts about Benghazi as outlined in Huffington Post are at this link.

Also, CNN put together an excellent Benghazi timeline, (link here) initially by hour and day, and taking it all the way to 2 May 2014 when Speaker Boehner established the latest Benghazi committee.

So the bottom line progressives is that Benghazi has taken over Obamacare as the Right wing’s call to action for its fanatical, easily duped base to get out the vote in November. Just remember that there was “Beirut” back when Reagan was president.

Tom Muri, Daily Interlake.com wrote, “In 1983 President Reagan, over the strong objection of his own secretary of defense, ordered that American service members be sent into Lebanon as an international peacekeeping force. Although they were being ordered into a war zone, they were under strict presidential orders not to load their weapons. President Reagan’s own advisers pointed out that these service members were “sitting ducks.”  A big difference from Benghazi among several is that President Reagan himself gave the order for the Marines to go in. (read the whole story byTom Muri, Daily Interlake.com).   You also have as shown in the pic – 60 deaths under Bush’s watch yet no Right wing crazy outrage for either!!   This hypocrisy for the sake of vote serves only to undermine America.  You get the picture progressive? Pass this on so other progressives are armed with facts vs. Right wing lies.


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