Pathetic – Rubio will say anything to promote himself

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Rubio drink_AATTP_org_CafemomWhen Rubio was asked by a reporter to provide his source of information for denying human involvement in climate change – Rubio almost choked as he could not provide even one source. Sort off a Sarah Palin moment when she could not think of one newspaper she followed. Folks, this is just one more example of Rubio just saying what he thinks will sell with the Tea party even is a lie, which it is. Rubio has a history of changing positions just to gain favor. He has done it so much even folks in his own party don’t take him seriously. Sam Stein for Huffington Post wrote of Rubio, “As the leader of the Florida House in 2008, Rubio helped pass a law directing the state Department of Environmental Protection to develop a carbon emissions capping system. He has since distanced himself from that vote”

Today, in desperation he arranges a soft interview with Fox No News Just Lies Hannity to “justify his assertion that “there’s no scientific evidence” to prove humans are contributing to climate change, is defending his comments by claiming that at least he knows the science about abortion.”

On Tuesday he sounded like a democrat saying the Federal congressional retirement system should be open to all workers. It is hypocritical given there is a bill or at least his Right-wing brothers would argue that is expensive; another federal entitlement or welfare to moocher…blab la well you know what I mean right? He throws stuff like this out to get in the news as he knows it will go nowhere.   Progressives, November is critical to vote out the Right-wing and get more dems in congress that will allow for progressive policies to be implemented. Rubio is an embarrassment to our nation. He needs to go away and do some real work in the senate.


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