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FDR on Conservatives_whatwouldjackdo_netcon-roosHypocrisy is not unique to any one political party. It is however, a central trait to many if not most Right wing elites. Take the Right wings newest poster boy for lies – Ben Carson.   Happens to be African American, which as you know are not really welcome in the GOP but this guy talks like them so great! As you know progressives, the Right wing has been attacking food stamps coming up with all kinds of stupid reasons to deny the needy help. One of their most used lines that programs like food stamps creates dependency and those that use food stamps are nothing but moochers of our tax dollars. Looks like Ben is one of them. What is discussing and remember this come November is that Ben’s mama was on food stamps and Ben himself tells us that he would never had made it were it not for programs like food stamps. But guess what – yes you got it – Ben’s tells us his situation was different. Read this if you can handle the disgust you will feel from such hypocrisy.

You will be proud to be a progressive when you hear how Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos” is driving the Right wing elite like Rush Limbaugh and the Christian Right crazy. See the Salon.com article on this. In it Sean McElwee writes, while the theological complaints seem laughable for their rancor and predictability, it’s time we thought harder about what they represent, because the Christian right’s “Cosmos” agita actually indicates a far deeper problem in religious conservatism — the selective acceptance of Enlightenment values. Religious conservatives have selectively adopted the legacy of liberal Enlightenment, from free speech to science, and jettisoned it when it does not suit their narrow ideological aims.” You see for years the Right and especially the Right wing media and Christian Right would have you believe that all progressives are atheists, that they don’t believe or follow the word of God etc. Well, its high time the Right understand that most democrats and liberal independents believe in God or their equivalent depending on religion but that progressives also understand that God and science can co-exist.

Because hypocrisy runs rampant within the conservative bubble, TPL will be reporting on this routinely so that you the reader can come to your own conclusions about one aspect of conservatism vs. progressivism.

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