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climate denial_cagle_con and daryanenergyblogWith regards to the climate report that came out this past week, Rubio saidthat though he understands that a “vast consensus” of climate scientists believe humans are contributing to climate change, he thinks it’s an “enormous stretch to say that every weather incident that we now read about — or the majority of them — are attributable to human activity.”

OK, progressives so there you have it.  Add this to the list of what you don’t get i.e. zero action on climate change if the Right–wing nuts take over congress this November.  Maybe some of you progressives have your own doubts so lets just assume for argument’s sake that one day we realize that climate change was not real that it was just nature reacting in cycles and that these last few years have just been a bad period but certainly not destructive to the planet.  Would you want to bet all and risk being wrong?  What if all the data is what it is – severe climate change?  Does it make any sense not to take prudent steps not to protect our planet from predicted horrors if we could?

Folks, what is stopping us is short-minded greed on the part of the greedy 1 percent that only thinks in terms of today’s profits.  Most of you can remember the fight over emissions controls for cars all meant to help reduce the pollution in the air but fought against by the Right until the law finally got passed and we are all better for it.  This fight against climate change is more of the same.  But it is a dangerous gamble if progressive sit on their hands and don’t show up in November.  For example, Huffington Post wrote a piece (must read) were they write about “educated ignorance.”  They write,  “There is no issue where educated ignorance is on more perfect display than watching the conservative movement confront scientific evidence of climate change.”

So Rubio now pops out of hiding as we have not heard much from him since he fell from Tea Party favor for leading the charge on the Senate immigration bill that BTW has gone nowhere in the House due to the fact Speaker Boehner will not allow a vote on it.  Rubio has since changed his tune on immigration speaking the party line of step-by-step approach vs. any comprehensive bill, and yes, starting with border security and eventually making it virtually impossible for the 12 million or so to ever become citizens.

Rubio does not represent Latinos as much as he likes to portray that.  He is just another Right-winger, an extreme one at that in sheep’s clothing.

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