The Hypocrisy of the Veterans Affairs Issue

Posted by on May 26, 2014 2:06 pm
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Sander Vets_occupydemocratsToday we honor our fallen soldiers. Take a moment on your day off to give thanks and say a prayer to those that have died so that you may go on in the life and freedoms you have. Sadly, we have a crisis of medical care that has resulted in the deaths of many veterans. It is a calling to move on this fast to fix what has been known a decades long problem. Unfortunately, it has only been turned into another political game. The Right-wing calling for the head of the VA to be fired as if that could change and fix the problem. You watch – there will be an investigation before the VA itself has time to figure out the specifics of the problem and they will seek to draw political blood at the expense of our veterans. Never mind that Congress (republicans) voted to deny increased funding to VA. Yes, its true – no spin here. Just this February, the Senate could not get enough Republican votes to pass a veterans bill!!!! All you will hear from Fox No News is how the head of VA and Obama is to blame. Republican false patriotism is hypocritical especially now when they seek to deceive the veterans into believing they care. Much more can be said but it will be the same so on this Memorial Day think of November, and one more reason to vote in a Congress that will move this country forward not on slogans or false pretense but with action. Remember if we had a few more democrats there would have been a bill for veteran’s benefits as there would have been a jobs bill and immigration reform….


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