Do Nothing Boehner to Sue Obama – ya right:)

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obama-to-boehner_NewserCrooks & Liars, a progressive site you should follow wrote an article on hate, race baiter, Alex Jones stating that “Conspiracy nut Alex Jones has been opining that the Obama administration has been hot on the heels of the Tea Party movement and will use tanks, drones and everything else to mount an attack on them.” This guy never has proof – just makes stuff up, and feeds it to his ready and willing audience of right-wing haters. The problem with this anti American hate talk is that it only serves to further polarize Americans, many often forgetting that we are all Americans. He spends no time talking about any real, substantive policy issues and solutions. This the Right, my progressive friends so if you sit on your butts this November our economy and jobs prospects much less immigration go down the tube!!

The Speaker of the House – John Boehner who can’t control his members and has nothing to show for all his time now intends to sue President Obama!!! What a disgusting waste of time and taxpayer dollars!!!

And if the above is not frustrating enough then there is the South Dakota Republican party, which passed a resolution calling for Obama to be impeached [for doing what every other president has done]. Who is trying to improve the economy? Not the Right! Who is trying to get jobs for America? Not the Right!!! I could go on but you get the messageJ My fellow Latinos and other progressives this just can’t continue. Progressives need to take their destiny or the Right will destroy America. They have lost all sense of responsibility as they are consumed by blind, ignorant hatred.

The goodness in all this is that President Obama has not given up on America. He has stated and acted that if Congress fails to do anything – he will act. He has been taking administrative actions [his right] though limited and as indicated all the republicans want to do is sue him for doing his job.

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