Elizabeth Warren’s plan to help America’s students debt!!!

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elizabethwarren_ecolocalizerIn an article from The Blaze, “Forty million Americans are dealing with student loan debt,” she said. “Today, it’s causing young people not to be able to save up money to buy a home, not be able to start a small business, not be able to make the purchases that move this economy forward.”

This is a real and serious problem that affects not only the student who has the debt but our nation.  Here is why.  We are talking about 40 million students!  To put this in perspective consider that our population is just over 300 million.  That America is lots of purchasing power denied to our economy.  Students having to pay off debt at such high rates, which only benefit the rich bank owners, have to make hard choices of what not to buy.  So less homes, cars, appliances you name it – less of everything is purchased because they just don’t have the money, and given the economy that was ruined by the Republicans (so much for fiscal expertise) they likely have low paying jobs not even commensurate with their education.

So Senator’s Warren’s bill will draw on the rich to pay more taxes to fund this.  How rich must one be that they can’t support fellow Americans.  Without a thriving middle class the rich put themselves in jeopardy so what is the big deal – greed!!!  Greed thumps compassion, which is what the Right wing lacks.  The Republicans led by McConnell are already saying they will not support the bill.

If you are a student or know someone who is, you will only have yourself to blame if you don’t get out to vote this November.  The only way to progress is through a democratic House and Senate.  The president can’t do this alone – you need to do your part in November.


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