General Shinseki and Veterans lose to Politics of Hypocrisy!

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RR VA politics_Other 98percentOn Friday, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned as the politics of blame and pompous accountability took hold instead of fixing the problem. Republicans acted as expected – fire Shinseki they cried out!!! Unfortunately several weak-kneed Democrats joined in and forced Obama to let the General go.   No one is yet talking seriously about what else to do. Some talk about a bill to throw some more money at the problem, a problem that has gone on for decades. We send off our kids to war, and while they are gone we like to wear ribbons as we go about our business. They come back many messed up for life and they are forgotten and worst our elected leaders repeatedly deny adequate funding; nor do the congressional committees do their job of oversight. Yes, General Shinseki in hindsight probably should have conducted an audit of all services the day he took office but how could any head of VA have known about such list? What should have been done was just as Obama did when the Obamacare website turned out hosed up – he kept HHS Secretary Sibelius on and held her accountable to fix the problem as she did. I have not doubt that General Shinseki would have fixed the problem but with a few months before the November elections, democrats know that that the Right would play up the politics and accuse the Dems of not caring about the veterans for not firing Shinseki. General Shinseki and our veterans are victim to irresponsible political power play. If the Right really gave a hoot, there are actions that they need to take now. See this Think Progress article: What Conservatives Should Do If They Are Really Concerned About Veterans Health Care.   Also interesting is this one also by Think Progress:

4 Things That Could Actually Fix The Current VA Crisis.

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