Is this what Right wing Christians do?

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Obama urinalHere is (click here) an example of how our country is going downhill due to Right-wing vile, bigoted, racist hatred.

Last week in Washington DC, the Freedom and Faith Coalition [of hypocrites] held their conference.  According to Politicus, “this is a chance for conservative Christians to get together and discuss policy ideas as well as electoral strategy for 2014. This also happens to create an opportunity for Republicans from around the country to pander to the Religious Right.”  So as you can imagine all the crazy car elite showed up.  So there is not doubt that the Obama figurine placed in the urinals so folks could “urinate on their president” could not have been known to all.  So did any republican leaders express outrage?  You betcha – NO!!!  And this is in a conference where so-called Christians attended.   All of them especially, the ones that wear their bible on their chest are hypocrites, and likely are not in God’s favor for what they did.

So this is what being a Republican means – to pee on your president?  Call him vile names – never offering any meaningful policy alternatives.  Progressives, you should be up in arms over this!  You need to get out and vote to give President Obama a progressive, democratic congress to get work done.

And just one thing on the issue of the capture of the Benghazi attack leader.  Fox NO News told its ignorant followers that their now portrayed “New Bin Laden” was released by Obama.  Not true!!!!  Defense Department documentation shows that   “The “New Bin Laden” was actually released under Bush in 2004 according to the Defense Department. But even if he had been released under Obama, the U.S.-Iraq agreement behind the release took place during the Bush administration.”


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