McCain – Shut Up Already!!!

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McCain_Dianny_AlltherightsnarkRight-wing lunatics need to just shut up, especially McCain!!   The situation in Iraq if one truly cares to do their own homework is 1. Bush’s doing and 2. Was predicted long time ago before Obama. Sooner or later Iraq was going to turn on itself. So McCain, self-appointed arm-chair general wanted a residual force? It’s a joke to think that only would have prevented what is happening today. American lost 4,000 soldiers and well over 40,000 wounded, many without arms or legs or both to a war of Bush’s choosing as Bin Laden was in Afghanistan. TPL’s view is – no troops! The Iraqis’ can kill themselves. Their leadership has been given every resource and advice and choose to not be inclusive as expected. Their army won’t fight so what is to be done? Send our kids in to die for people that won’t fight and die for their own country? This Right-wing idea that war is the answer to all is dated and just does not work. All the Right-wing Iraq war crazies including Cheney have come out of hiding to stir up the call for war – not that they or their kids will ever lead the way. Americans are tired of war and don’t want any part of this one.

Unfortunately, if for no other reason than OIL – we may find ourselves in war again.

Hope you noticed the despicable yet predictable lack of appreciation for the capture of the leader of the Benghazi attack. For all the Right’s non-stop crying about Benghazi, when Obama as he did when he got Bin Laden, announced we had the Benghazi attack leader the Right down played it – some saying it was timed to help Hilary out. The Right is so disgraceful that it can’t credit Obama not even once. This is not the way to run America. The whole world sees this and if you think about it – it is not Obama losing stature – it is America losing stature due to everyday Right-wing vicious attacks on our President.   If you want more of the same – vote republican but if you want progress, give our president a democratic congress this November!!! Do you part as a citizen – vote and get others to vote.

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