Marco the-water-boy Rubio out of hiding!!!

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Rubio water boy politicusRubio as I have said before is nothing more than an opportunist that cares only about his political advancement. He has recently come out of hiding hoping folks forgot about all his failures to now reinvent himself (lie) by basically touting the Right-wing base bla bla. He tried to be the lead a couple years ago with the Senate immigration bill that was ignored by the Republican House. He ran away from his own bill when he figured out the base was pissed of at him. He talks principal but does not walk the talk.

Now he is out and about – blaming Obama for the Malaysia plane shot down, as if he would have done anything different! Wednesday, he gave a speech at Catholic University to talk to – ya you guessed it – his “…defense of both ‘traditional marriage’ and a pro-life agenda.” He make a fool out of himself by suggesting that he is not anti gay but pro traditional marriage. Make no mistake, this guy is smart just like Cruz but being smart and being principled is another. On Thursday, siding with Cruz, he calls for tough measures on the border situation, calling for an end to the Dream Act.

Eva Longoria however, has it right standing up for the kids on the border! This is a humanitarian crisis hijacked by bigots. 60,000 kids is nothing for this great country to deal with in a humane, compassionate way. Can you imagine for a moment what they have gone through to get here, in a land whose language they don’t speak away from their family? Where is our Christian compassion? We give billions to Israel, to Egypt and many other countries. How is it we can’t even approve $3.7 billion to assist in this border problem? Has America lost its way? Latinos and Americans of good faith are watching as is the world. Janet Murguía, president of the country’s largest Latino advocacy group, the National Council of La Raza stated “This border crisis — part of what Murguía called an “international humanitarian emergency,” echoing Pope Francis’ recent wordswill define how the rest of the world perceives the United States, she said.”


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