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What could happen? How can it get worst? Well first off, it can get a lot worst since a lot of good has been happening (prevention of a financial depression, 55 months of job growth, health care, unemployment under 6%, GM jobs saved, and more) if progress is turned around. Just a couple weeks ago, the Right-wing nuts voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act – as the article states – again for the fourth time! Oh, that’s ok right? How about the Right-winger that said that if he were but in charge of Medicaid his first move would be to serialize women on Medicaid! Not convinced? How about Speaker of the House Boehner recently basically saying the same line so many Right wingers believe that folks on the bottom are there because they are lazy and rather be on welfare and food stamps (don’t forget the ironic hypocricy of the Right wing lower class that also uses food stamps, welfare etc).Mcconnel_vocal progressives

How about Paul Ryan Mr. Right-wing budget hack who admitted that if republicans win the House and Senate they will move to cut back Obamcare and take away the health care Obamacare provided to 10 million more Americans? And women? If you have not figured out by now that the Republicans have been and continue to wage a war on women be it fair pay or contraception or other then you must be from another planet!

For all you Latinos that are pissed of with the president – how about being pissed at the Republicans that not only have not done anything but obstruct any effort at immigration. Obama needs your back. He can only do so much and without the Senate any administrative action on immigration will be immediately overturned if the republicans own both the House and Senate.

So get out of your couches – all of you and get out to vote and bring others along. In many states, absentee voting has or will be starting. There is no excuse to not vote and if not then yes thing will be worse of. If the economy states on track there is every reason to believe unemployment will drop more and the overall economy will be fine.

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