You had over 500 Days so Shut up!!!

Posted by on November 20, 2014 12:20 pm
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obama-immigration_christianostIt has been over 500 days since Speaker Bonehead and the House Republicans received the Bipartisan Senate Immigration bill. Speaker Bonehead refused to let the House vote because the crazy, racist, Right-wing extremists put the fear of him losing his job on the line. Now they act like President Obama is acting lawless; waving a red flag or whatever in front of a bull type of made-up indignation. But yesterday we learned that finally, finally President Obama is going to take executive action in a big way to address the immigration problem.

Before you self-righteous Right-wing nuts start going off take note that a group of your own conservative lawyers concluded the president would not be braking the law if he acted on immigration. Off course we don’t need these lawyers to say that. There is proof in precedence all the way back to Eisenhower and especially to their beloved Reagan who took executive action on 3 million undocumented. The Right has also been told by Obama to put up or shut up in that they can pass the Senate bill or come up with one and (assuming it does more than border security) he will sign it and nullify his executive order. There is extreme hypocrisy on the part of the Right but all the threats to include a government shutdown and even impeachment is not going to stop the president. You see he figured out the hard way that it really does not matter what he does – the Right will be against it.

So congratulations Mr. President. As I have said before, Hispanics will not forget!! Assuming what is put out today is as good as it gets then the Democrats can be happy they have done good for millions of Hispanics and they can count on those that are citizens to vote in their favor come 2016. TPL

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