It’s falling apart for Congressional Right-wing!

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Boehner_Crooks & LiarsThings are just not going well for Republican House and Senate leaders Boehner and McConnell.   I guess they are so used to doing nothing that now they think they can just pass corporate giveaway bills without any effort.

You remember how from Day 1 of Obama’s presidency they became the obstructionist republican House and Senate.  Its payback time!!!   While the Senate just passed Keystone, it was not without some sweat, they initially got their butts kicked.  They had the arrogance to out forth the Keystone pipeline bill packaged as a jobs bill for their ignorant base to chew on but really to pay their rich backer to include the Canadian company that paid them millions to get it passed.  McConnell, the “We’re going to make Obama a one-term president,” got a taste of his own medicine when Democrats successfully filibustered the bill leaving it short 6 votes needed to achieve the 60 votes needed. President Obama is set to veto the bill. BTW, recently we have pipeline leaks in Yellowstone and its not just Yellowstone but West Virginia last Tuesday experienced a pipeline burst. It is a real threat.

The Right had a big set back with their abortion bill, which their republican women could not stomach, their immigration border bill was held back and now the democrats have decided not to move on their Iran Sanctions bill. The whole invite of Netanyahu has backfired as well as it pissed off many American Jews as well as Israelis.

Top this all off with Obamacare enrollments positioned to exceed goals and the President now a 50% approval you would not know the republicans had won the midterms. Even, a Right-wing blog admitted to the high approval rating. This is the result of not having any real plan and running on hating the president. Progressives can learn from all this but getting more engaged to include urging friends and family to vote.  TPL

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