Right Wing Lie on Day 1!!!

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veto penSo we know how things are going to go for the next couple years – not a big surprise although the surprise may be on the Right depending if President Obama continues as he has these past few weeks. The new Senate leader McConnell said that the economy is just now turning around, improving as a result of the Republican majority taking over. Seriously? Likely the ignorant – ill informed Fox-Rush media base will believe it. But lets be clear, my friends so you can correct your Right wing friends that the economy is showing good signs lately as a result of 58 weeks of continued jobs growth, GM and Chrysler having been saved by Obama (the Right was against their bailout), and oh did I say that GM paid back the bailout money. Obamacare has not only provided heath care to many that did not have it, ended pre-existing conditions but has led to lowered medical cost.

Meanwhile the Right is trying to take credit for economic improvements while still playing their dirty tricks. They moved the bill on Keystone even though it would be to move dirty Canadian oil through America to the EXPORT MARKET!!! Yes, that oil is not staying in America! BTW, the Right has moved on social security.

Finally, regarding the Paris shootings just go down to the first article of “must read” below re Rush Limbaugh. It is incredulous how people can keep listening to lies. Are they that ignorant or so full of hate and racist ways that they know he is lying but don’t care? Worst of all many of the Limbaugh audience are those that claim to be Christians. How can they and accept boldfaced lies day after day?

Time to get that veto pen out, Mr. President! TPL

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