The Hypocrite Loser is out!!!

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Mittthe-most-interesting-man-in-the-world_DIYLOL_comMitt Romney jumped in the 2016 race and now pulled out. A 3x loser! Many in the news media are talking about why. My view is, who cares! There is not doubt the Mitt is a good businessman even if just in the narrow field of breaking up companies and selling them off. There is no reason to doubt he is a good family man. He is not however, a caring man in the sense that he truly cares for all Americans, especially the poor. His recent and short-lived foray into 2016 politics showed his true colors yet again. All he really did was change his messaging NOT change his personal beliefs. His “47%” comment has defined him as an uncaring person. Mitt is the poster child for the Right-wing empty should – those that lack empathy and are out for themselves all made worst by clothing themselves in religion. The unfortunate thing is that Mitt seemed to have been a good governor – just slightly right-of-center and so he might have made a good president. He like McCain sold his soul to the Right-wing nuts just to be president. He might have thought things over more carefully and changed to democrat and who knows. Had he some measure of empathy, Mitt might have had the consciousness to change party. Now we are left with the Bush machine vs. the Extreme Right. Even if Bush gets the nomination, he will have done so only by selling his soul as well to the Extreme and being of little use for America as a leader. Hillary however, must take note as the Right will use every lie, every manner of attack to wear her down. As we have seen with her fight with Obama, she can be lackluster and quite boring on the campaign trail. Hopefully, she has self-corrected and is prepared for the fight. TPL

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