The Right-wing Clown Car goes to IOWA

Posted by on January 28, 2015 2:48 am
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krugman-gop-madness-300x300If you haven’t looked up the news on the Steven King IOWA Freedom Summit last Saturday, you should.   You should watch the Jon Steward video here to see how each one of the clowns paraded themselves before their audience. You will laugh but once done you will have to take this seriously because these folks are not stupid so why do they act this way?   My theory is that their base is made up of bigots, racists, hypocritical Christians, anti-gays, anti-environment, anti-equal pay (get the picture) and the Tea party mixed bag of all the above. That’s lots of folks that are motivated by some from of hate or lack of empathy such that they will turn to vote republican. This is why progressives must be familiar with the issues and be aggressive in defending against Right-wing attack.

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