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2.6.15_january_jobs_chart2_WH_govRegardless of how the Right tries to spin it – the economy under President Obama has been getting better and better. Here are some extracts from media.  The National Journal reported:  “U.S. ECONOMY ADDS 275,000 JOBS. The increase marks the 11th straight month that more than 200,000 were created. November and December numbers were also revised to show 147,000 more jobs created.”

NY Times wrote, The nation is now estimated to have added 423,000 jobs in November and 329,000 in December, making them truly blockbuster months for job growth in the United States   And finally — finally — there was meaningful evidence that an improving job market was translating into higher pay for workers.”

Bloomberg, whom the Right respects wrote, A 257,000 January increase in employment capped the biggest three-month advance in 17 years and delivered the strongest wage gain since 2008…”

Even Fox got stumped when their own Fox business reporter talked about all the great news! Seriously – you can watch it here.    There is no denying that the economy will keep getting better just as it did under Clinton who left a budget surplus that was squandered by Bush who then got us into two UNUNDED wars and pretty much destroyed our economy.

President Obama recently submitted his budget to congress where he includes a one time tax on the top 1 percent to help pay for middle class projects to include free community college. If you are a Right-winger about to explode calm down because your hero, Reagan whose birthday was yesterday raised taxes several times, expressly stated we need to eliminate loopholes, and did I say – gave amnesty to millions of undocumented.   Progressive policies create progressive results unlike Right-wing policies that have yet to be proven their worth.


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