Government Shutdown? Maybe Not. Here’s Why.

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noamnesty_oneoldvet_comThis weekend on Fox No – News, Speaker Boehner made it clear a shutdown over immigration is quite possible. It has turned into a chicken fight to see who blinks first. Even fellow republicans are not warm to the idea of another shutdown. McConnell made it a campaign promise and the day he took over as Senate leader, he made clear there will be no shutdown but will he hold firm? The Tea party has other ideas and they just don’t care. They hate Obama and Latinos so much they rather put the nation’s homeland security at risk. As for the congressmen that want the showdown with president Obama, they also don’t give a hoot about government employees as they are perfectly happy to let them go without pay while they play their petty power games. The world sees all this and must be laughing at us. It’s a wonder many countries have less respect for America. It’s not because of Obama but the relentless divisive and hateful politics of obstruction with no real policy goals to make things better for Americans.

But just in, we find today via a Huffington Post report that a federal judge in guess where – Texas has stopped President Obama’s immigration action due to lawsuit brought forth arguing that his executive actions are unconstitutional. This will immediately impact action scheduled to begin 18 Feb of accepting DACA applications. The new scenario for the Republicans may well be to go ahead and fund DHS and avoid a government shutdown knowing the Federal government has to temporarily stop implementation of the president’s executive order. This is how a nation keeps going downhill, when judges get political vs. do their job to uphold the law.  TPL

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