McConnell Caves in & Lying O’Reilly Lies some more

Posted by on February 25, 2015 4:14 am
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Beohner_i.ytimg_comSenate leader McConnell figured the Dems would cave in regarding the DHS bill but he was wrong. After losing four votes and with less than 80 hours before DHS funding dries up, he caved in and is now ok with voting on a clean DHS bill. His challenge now is to see what Speaker Boehner will or can do since Boehner is not really in charge of his republican House. Who knows if Ted Cruz will visit to stir up the extremist. Boehner can count on Nancy Pelosi and the Dems to pass a clean bill. We’ll see.

Meanwhile the lying liar O’Reilly has been unsuccessful in his campaign of intimidation and spin. Most journalist in the know regarding the time period do not support him. While Fox pretend News will not take him off the air it is clear O’Reilly is no more to be taken seriously as a player. Sure he still has his ignorant base to listen to his lies and continue to support him but who cares. In the end he knows he is a liar and that all of the none Fox No-News America knows.  O’Reilly has threaten a New York Times female journalist and called CBS’s Bob Schieffer who is a real journalist who has a stellar reputation – a plagiarist.

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