Obama sends House Budget – They vote on Obamacare & Immigration

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krugman-gop-madness-300x300President Obama submitted his budget early this week. As expected the Right is not happy with it even if it has provisions the Right normally likes. To help pay for the many proposals favoring the middle class, Obama plans a one time 14% tax on the rich. How much money do the rich need? Do not the rich have some moral obligation to the middle class that is struggling every day?  The budget also calls for funding infrastructure improvements and a small pay increase to government and military. The deficit has been lowered substantially under Obama and oil prices have gone down.  It’s time to help the middle class see wage growth!

A lesson in history here is that after WWII the rich were taxed at 90% and the money was yes – redistributed to programs such as the GI Bill and VA loan program. Obama reminded the Right several times that under his watch the deficit was cut by 2/3. Obama stated “That’s the fastest period of sustained deficit reduction since after the demobilization at the end of World War II.” In a PolitiFact report, Sept 2014, they assessed as true that Obama had cut the deficit by half. Again, now is a good time – the right time to keep the momentum going on economic improvement. But the Right thinks it’s more important to pass Keystone, DHS with anti-immigration objectives and yes, repeal Obamacare.

So this week the House votes yet again to repeal Obamacare. It’s going nowhere. So being a republican means supporting a party that does not care for ALL Americans to have health care. Forget about the wasteful bla, bla of their whining about universal health being socialized medicine. What does that really mean? Seriously? Who cares if it is? Those that favor universal health care are not advocating for a communist form of government. It’s a made up story.  What progressives advocate for is that in America, there is no excuse for any of its citizens to not have health care. So much for being compassionate conservatives or worst Right-wing Christians.

This week also instead of serious business, the Senate Republican tried twice and failed to move the DHS bill that includes language to overturn the president’s executive order on immigration. They are placing our homeland security at risk for playing games.

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