Bush calls Obama a Latin American Dictator!!

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DOL Feb 15 Jobs rptYup, Bush is now calling Obama a Latin American Dictator!   You need to see the video at link and listen to how he avoids saying he will push for immigrants under DACA & DAPA to become citizens. Hypocrisy runs deep in the Right-wing. So don’t let the fact he is married to a Latina make you think he is more sensitive to Latino issues – note, Cruz, Rubio and Martinez.

The bigger news this week however, was on the economy – yes it keeps getting better and better!! The Feb. jobs report informed that 1 million workers were added to the payroll since November 2014. The Bloomberg Business report wrote, “After adding 1 million workers to payrolls since November, American employers have it in spades. A 257,000 January increase in employment capped the biggest three-month advance in 17 years and delivered the strongest wage gain since 2008, figures from the Labor Department showed Friday in Washington. The unemployment rate rose to 5.7 percent from 5.6 percent as the prospect of finding work lured hundreds of thousands into the labor force.” But there is more, “Job gains in January were led by retailers, construction firms and health-care companies.”   Didn’t all the Right-wingers predict that Obamacare would be a job killer? Not even close – tell that to your Right-wing friends who watch Fox and never get the word. Oh, but there’s more for those who will say that these are low wage, temp jobs – “The U.S. labor market has strengthened in recent months, and skill shortages persist in professional disciplines such as accounting and information technology…” [all quotes above from Bloombreg Business]

The Department of Labor puts it this way [link]:

– “We’ve now seen 12 months in a row of at least 200,000 new jobs, the longest such streak in nearly 20 years.

– For five years now – 60 uninterrupted months – private sector employment growth has continued unabated to the tune of more than 12 million jobs overall.

– The labor market continues to strengthen, as the economy has increasingly added middle- and high-wage jobs over the last two years.

– The unemployment rate of 5.5 percent is the lowest it’s been since the spring of 2008.

– And in 2014, unemployment fell in all 50 states for the first time in 30 years.”

Progressives, one of President Obama’s most significant achievement if not the most significant is to have saved the American economy from total collapse due to the disastrous policies of the Bush years. The Right-wing nuts can spin it and lie to themselves all day but the facts are in – the American economy has been recovering well. Yes, wages are a problem but don’t blame Obama for that. Blame the greedy corporatists, anti-union folks amongst several culprits. Ironically, many on the Right even though they are victims themselves are against minimum wage, equal pay, unions and are so hateful of anything Obama proposes that they have lost sight that he has submitted jobs programs focused on fixing our crumbling infrastructure.

The mainstream media has become lazy, following gossipy news such as Hillary’s emails yet failing to at least give equal coverage to Gov. Christie’s deal with EXXON or Bill O’Reilly – the lying liar.

There is a well-orchestrated and well-funded effort by the Right-wing elite to con its hate filled base to vote against their own self-interest. Progressives must understanding this and get active.

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