Obamacare at 5 years!!!

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Obamacare eclectablog_comYesterday was the five-year anniversary of the signing of Obamacare law.  By all measures it is working quite well with over 11 million Americans that now have health coverage that otherwise would not.  The Right-wing lies never came to be especially that it would be a job killer – the economy has continued growing regardless and the stock market has achieved historical records.  This folks is what’s called progressive leadership and vision.  This article by MSNBC is worth the read describing how the Right-wing predictions did not come true.

Yesterday Ted Cruz announced if candidacy for presidential wannabe but never will. It is amazing however, that lying Ted Cruz has as a top priority of his never-to-be presidency to “repeal ever word of Obamacare!”   He – true to Right-wing, Tea Party form did not offer the slightest information on what he would replace it with.  This is not presidential – he is a joke – a joke however, which has a following of folks not motivated by the common good but by blind hate and purposeful ignorance.

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