Right-wing caves – Embarrasses America

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Netanyahu-boehner-obama politicusAfter all the grandstanding and taking Americans to the brink of yet another catastrophe, the House voted to fund DHS, leaving the immigration executive order intact. This is a major victory for Democrats and for the immigration fight.

Also, today the Right-wing embarrasses America breaking a tradition of never inviting a leader of another country without consulting the president having the Right-winger Netanyahu come to grandstand on our turf. This was done to disrupt and kill the U.S. – Iran negotiations. With this irresponsible act, the Right-wing has taken our democracy down another notch. You figure it out. Just note that for the past 25 years this jerk has been stating that Iran is about to have nucs , which has never been true.  Senator Sander stated, “The sanctions currently in place have brought Iran to the bargaining table and current negotiations resulted in Iran freezing its nuclear program. And for the past year, Iran has been subject to heightened international inspections. All of those things have made us safer.”

On the positive side – We did see this week America at its best in the form of two truly outstanding women who set AIPAC straight on U.S. policy toward Iran and Israel. Susan Rice and Samantha Power gave very eloquent and powerful speeches that made clear where Obama stands. Bill Kristol, Right-wing blowhard tried to get AIPAC folks to boycott their speeches and instead they were well attended and received standing ovations!   Here is an excerpt from Susan Rice’s speech: “… barring Iran from developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is not “a viable negotiating position.” “As desirable as that would be, it is neither realistic nor achievable,” Rice said. The crowd cheered again when Rice said, “I know some may argue that we must impose sanctions and walk away.

“But, my friends, let’s remember that sanctions, unfortunately, have never stopped Iran from advancing its program,” she said.” So Obama and the Dems have been standing firm. Let’s hope the tomorrow as the Supreme Court hears the Obamacare case that it also goes our way. TPL

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